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Obama to skip the EU summit: “there is confusion over the summit”.

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By Pietro De Matteis Such a strong decision was in the air especially in Washington. The US was expecting a new EU after the Lisbon treaty: more coherent, stronger and more comprehensible. An Europe that after about 8 years since the Laeken Convention, that started the path towards EU’s institutional reform, could finally become an […]

Two challenging choices for EU’s future: President Van Rompuy and HR Ashton

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Brussels, 19 November 2009 Author: Pietro De Matteis Many words have been written about the appointment procedure of the two new positions set up by the Lisbon treaty and on the possible candidates.  What we have experienced on 19th December is once again a process carried out behind closed doors despite the fact that some Member […]

The President of the European Council: a brief analysis of the Risks and Opportunities

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Author: Pietro De Matteis Following the debate on the new president of the European Commission, it is now everyday more pressing the competition behind closed doors for the future post of President of the European Council. Should the Lisbon treaty be ratified we will finally have some of the important institutional changes which has been […]

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