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The race for the 2014 EP Elections begins: the Convention of the EUROPEAN FEDERALIST PARTY


At a time when talking about European federalism is no more a taboo, the European Federalist Party is organising its European Convention which will take place  in Rome at the Hotel Dei Congressi on November 3-4.


The theme chosen for the convention is “Towards a stronger Europe”. The EFP believes that the only solution to end the current crisis is to build a stronger, more efficient and more democratic federal Europe. It is argued that existing political parties, organized exclusively along national lines, have engaged in short-sighted policies for years, ignoring the reality of a Europe that is getting weaker and weaker and which is losing out in terms of political and economic relevance in the world. With it, the EFP points out, we also lose our well being, our jobs and, ultimately, our future.


THE SPEAKERS taking part in the 2012 Convention:

  • – Dr. Panayotis Theodoracopoulos, long-term carrier diplomat, former Greek ambassador to Russia, Libya and UAE;
  • – Pier Virginio Dastoli, President of the Italian Council of the European Movement and member of the Spinelli Group;
  • – Ulrike Guerot, European Council of Foreign Relations;
  • – Bruno Tinti, former judge, writer and journalist;
  • – Edouard Gaudot, political advisor for the Green Group at the European Parliament and member of the Spinelli Group;
  • – Piter de Jong, vice-President of EU-China Chamber of Commerce;
  • – Paolo Acunzo, deputy-Secretary General of the European Federalist Movement (Italy).



The EUROPEAN FEDERALIST PARTY is the first real pan-European party, with local sections and coordinators in 10 countries.  ONE Party, with ONE political program for ONE thriving Europe. The objective of the EFP is to establish a European Federation, representing European people’s  interests, through  a strong Parliament and a real elected Government


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